Pole Buildings

Minor’s Construction Services LLC also specializes in the construction of Pole Buildings (or Pole Barns). These are large agricultural buildings with high ceilings and wide open spaces.

Whether your needs are on a commercial or residential scale regarding larger facilities, Pole Barn construction offers flexibility and durability which ultimately triumphs over stick-frame (also referred to as stud wall) used in traditional residential home design.

Pole Building structures use wood posts as the main vertical framing element, with these posts buried 4 to 6 feet deep to provide support. Stick-frame structures, on the other hand, are often built over a crawlspace or basement. Choosing a Pole Building over stick-frame construction may cut down on concrete foundation costs, adapt to varying site locations usually without overly extensive excavation, offer large wall openings for windows and doors, and make it easier to add on exterior porches and overhangs, all the while offering speedier and safer construction.

Our Projects

Custom Pole Building
Custom Pole Building
Custom Home & Pole Building
Under Construction Pole Building For Indoor Horse Riding Arena
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